DIR album cover

Artist: December in Red

Title: The Way Out

Genre: Alternative Rock

Label: Cavigold Records

UPC: 218362717898 (CD)

Street Date: 3/10/15

Order Due Date: 2/20/15

Evocative of Deftones and A Perfect Circle, their delicate mixture of scorching rhythms, airtight rifts, and dynamic vocals instantly intrigues. Since the release of their self-titled debut, the Seattle band–Del McGeachy, Dan Gardner, Colbey Schnelle, and Marc Mercier–has toured with genre stalwarts including (hed)p.e., Project 86, and more, building a significant audience independently. However, The Way Out stands out as an equally chaotic and creative statement.


Tickets on sale now for their March-May 2015 National tour!




Track List:

1. The Call

2. Hooks and Splatters

3. Send Me a Postcard

4. Arrested On Sight

5. The Borders

6. Corduroy

7. De D’aur

8. Pelican

9. Hadouken

10. The Fundamental

11. Don’t Look So Surprised

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