Firewind, the band formed by Greek guitarist Gus G (also known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne), has just released their finest album yet: IMMORTALS. The album features the return of vocalist Henning Basse. The album marks the first time Firewind used an outside co-producer, working with Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69), who not only engineered, mixed and mastered the album, but also co-wrote it together with Gus G.

Get to know the band, their music and the IMMORTALS album by viewing this EPK!


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Exclusive Q&A with Raise Hell’s Jimmy Fjallendahl


We Arise:

An EXCLUSIVE Q&A with RAISE HELL’s Jimmy Fjällendahl

Metal is not a musical genre – it is a way of life. Followers of any and all Metal subgenres – from Thrash to Doom to Viking – are a devoted bunch. They tend to stand by their favorite bands during good times, bad times and line-up changes. Once a Metal fan, always a Metal fan. If Billboard stopped focusing on sales figures and concentrated on fans’ […]

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Sterbhaus new album – Level of Malevolence, released earlier this month, is available for […]

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AGES / Malefic Miasma: Available April 24th, 2015!

Artist: AGES


Releasedate: 2015-04-24

Barcode No. CD: blood pressure treatment guidelines should be revised, study says … 6663666000957

Barcode No. LP: 6663666400955





With outstanding melodies, atmospheres and performances – Ages’ debut album ‘The Malefic Miasma’, embraces the legacy from the 90’s and brings the swedish black metal sound to a new level.

AGES was formed during the harsh swedish winter of 2011. into existence came “From the Ashes […]

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OCEANO / Ascendants: Available March 24th, 2015!

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Artist: Oceano

Title: Ascendants

Genre: Metal

Label: Earache Records

UPC: 5055006554014

Street Date: 3/24/2015

Being amongst the most pummeling, fighting mad bands of their era, Oceano brings the towering gusts of the winds from their hometown of Chicago. Taking a cue from the aesthetic of bands such as Behemoth and The Acacia Strain, concocted into their own vicious hybrid which presents a deathcore sound as cold, dark and deep as […]

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