Nova Scotia, Canada has given us some fine musical talent over the years. Anne Murray, Denny Doherty (The Mamas & The Papas), Sarah McLachlan, Feist, members of April Wine and Sloan, Holly Cole, and Hank Snow are just a few of the native Nova Scotians that have made their mark in Rock history. There are many others, of course, and there will be many in the years to come. Singer/songwriter Steve Poltz hails from Nova Scotia as well. However, he kickstarted his musical career as a member of San Diego legends The Rugburns. For over two decades – and releases on Priority and Bizarre/Planet Records – The Rugburns has remained a sorely underappreciated outfit. Alongside The Rugburns’ trio of releases (two albums and an EP) and a dozen solo albums, Poltz is also known as the co-writer of his former girlfriend Jewel’s multi-platinum hit “You Were Meant For Me,” which reached #2 on Billboard. In short, Poltz has achieved quite a bit in a career that, by and large, has been under the radar. Perhaps it is time for more listeners to get to know Steve a bit more intimately with his 2019 album SHINE ON… […]



There’s just something about Soul music. It has a different effect on every listener. Where one person can hear joy and jubilation, another may sense a feeling of loss and sadness while listening to the very same recording. The listener’s differing opinions revolve around just how deeply they immerse themselves in the music. On the surface, Soul and R&B is engaging and powerful but once you allow yourself to be surrounded by the music, you feel the emotional depth and intensity that went into creating the music. Mike Farris’ SILVER & STONE album is one of those releases that shows both sides at the same time, offering up layers of powerful music that is both engaging and engrossing. […]

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When a dream is born from love and passion, it will never fade away.  Altan, the traditional Irish outfit, is that dream come to life.  Formed three decades ago by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (vocals/fiddle) and her husband Frankie Kennedy (flute/tin whistle), their shared musical vision became reality on a few duo recordings before forming a full-fledged band – Altan. Even though Kennedy passed away in 1994, Mairéad and her bandmates have continued to keep the musical dream alive. In 2018, they release the beautiful and inspiring THE GAP OF DREAMS. […]


COLIN HAY/Fierce Mercy reviewed

Colin Hay is a rarity in the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He achieved great success out of the gate 35 years ago while leader of Men At Work (“Who Can It Be Now?,” “Down Under,” “Overkill”) but had to pursue a career as a solo artist once the band split in ’86. In 1987, he ventured out as Colin James Hay with the LOOKING FOR JACK album but struggled to maintain success. Next came the Colin Hay Band’s 1990 album WAYFARING SONS, which didn’t fare any better. In 1992, he released PEAKS & VALLEYS, the first in a series of solo albums that would slowly rebuild his career from scratch. Now, three and one-half decades after hitting #1 with Men At Work’s BUSINESS AS USUAL album, Hay is at his peak as a songwriter and vocalist and he shows no signs of slowing down. FIERCE MERCY is proof that he is one of this generation’s finest songwriters. While his hits with Men At Work may have been more ‘immediate’ on first listen, his songwriting is deeper, more passionate and better than ever on this 2017 album. Like his last release, 2015’s NEXT YEAR PEOPLE, this is an album filled with songs that are warm, intimate and emotional. Whether he is singing from experience or as an observer, Hay always connects with the subject matter and it all sounds so personal, which adds to the songs’ power. Lead-in track “Come Tumbling Down” is a sing-a-long that prepares you for the roller-coaster ride of emotions that weave in and out of the rest of the album. “A Thousand Million Reasons,” “The Best In Me,” “The Last To Know” and “Secret Love” are some of the best songs that Hay has ever written or co-written (with Michael Georgiades and others). “Two Friends” (written by Georgiades) features one of Hay’s finest vocal performances to date. Never one to live in his past, Colin Hay has creatively risen above his previous success and recorded what could be his finest musical work to date. Again, Colin Hay has proven that he leaves pretty much all of his contemporaries in the dust. FIERCE MERCY is a lovely, heartfelt album that will stand the test of time. If you stopped listening after the CARGO album, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do! […]

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COLIN HAY/Fierce Money: Available March 3, 2017!

December 15th, 2016 – Nashville, TN — FIERCE MERCY is an epic, cinematic step forward from singer-songwriter Colin Hay, most beloved for his intimate, confessional live shows but most widely known for being an influential and celebrated frontman. The range of artists who have chosen to cite him as a muse or who have found themselves on stage with him in the past year spans the genre landscape from heavy metal, to Americana, to Cuban rhythms and beyond. His inclusion as a playlist favorite from the likes of Metallica to The Lumineers reflects his continuing relevance and broad appeal. […]

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Family, Friends & Heroes – Frank Solivan debuts new album!

Frank Solivan's new album "Family, Friends & Heroes" drops this Friday, March 4!   (From Compass Records) Following Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen's GRAMMY nomination, IBMA Award, and top prize in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, bandleader Frank Solivan continues the pace in 2016 with a solo release, FRIENDS, FAMILY & HEROES. Available March4, the 14-song collection pays homage to Solivan's family members and features the pristine playing of his musical heroes. Special Guests include Del [...]

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Compass Artists and Releases Receive 10 IBMA Nominations

Label Co-founder Alison Brown has also received the Distinguished Achievement Award. The IBMA Awards Ceremony will be held on October 1st in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Compass Records nominations include: Song Of The Year - "Fiddlin Joe" / Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper Instrumental Recorded Performance Of The Year - "Come Along Jody" - Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper For more information regarding Compass nominations, please visit Compass Records

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Exclusive Preview Of Andrea Zonn New Album

Andrea Zonn will be releasing her new album "Rise" on September 25. ANDREA ZONN, one of the most respected fiddle players and harmony vocalists in contemporary music, knows as well as anyone that the right players and the right chemistry are what elevates an album and serves the songs. On her second album as an artist, Andrea is supported by the illustrious musicians she usually accompanies: James Taylor, Vince Gill, and Keb’ Mo’, for starters. [...]

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That’s Me In The Bar 20th Anniversary

Artist: A.J. Croce Title: That's Me In The Bar UPC: 766397465128 20th Anniversary Edition (with Bonus track) At the time of it’s release That’s Me in the Bar was called “...a thoughtful probing record about matters of the heart.” —Boston Globe. Time has not diminished the positive impact of A.J. Croce’s effect on his fans as well as his family legacy—great songwriting, with wit and a world-wise perspective, sung with the conviction of a seasoned [...]

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New Bobby Long Album – Ode To Thinking

Artist: Bobby Long Title: Ode to Thinking UPC: 766397465425 British singer-songwriter Bobby Long has built a dedicated fan base around his hauntingly poetic lyrics and catchy melodies. On his third record, ODE TO THINKING, Long Returns to the basics: a guitar, sturdy songs, and his singularly plaintive voice. The album's 11 tracks showcase a hard-won maturity that belies Long's 29 years. A Prolific songwriter who has been compared to his own heroes - Elliot Smith, [...]

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