BREAKIN’ soundtracks revisited and reviewed!

Nobody expected the 1983 motion picture BREAKIN’ to be a hit. At the time, breakdancing was quickly becoming a worldwide craze, rising from the urban neighborhoods and spilling into white-bread suburbia. Since Hollywood always loves to capitalize on current trends, TV commercials suddenly incorporated breakdancing and movies like BREAKIN’ and BEAT STREET (amongst others) were quickly put into production. BREAKIN’ was first out of the gate. The film was a commercial – and financial -success and was followed a year later by BREAKIN’ 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. Highly entertaining some 35 years later, both films were light on plot and acting ability but heavy on music and fun. Regardless of how lightweight the films were, the soundtracks served up a healthy selection of R&B, Soul, and Funk music that was surprisingly light on the more dangerous sounds of Rap/Hip Hop. Regardless, the music introduced young movie goers to a sound and culture that they may not have experienced otherwise. The BREAKIN’ films were like extended versions of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video – every problem can be solved by a dance-off! And what is wrong with that? […]

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The YouTube stars of today don’t understand the meaning of ‘paying your dues.’ Before American Idol and YouTube became the springboards for success, the artists of yesteryear rehearsed, played nightly in smelly clubs, and drove from city to city in a rickety van to build their audience. They wrote songs from the heart. They lived those songs before they even laid them down on tape. And the chance of them getting a record deal and achieving any level of success was slim to none. For many of them, sharing their music and baring their soul was the reason they created music. Fame was just a reward for their hard work. However, hard work doesn’t guarantee success without a little bit of luck thrown into the mix. Then again, there’s a long list of talented artists that never caught a break and have sadly faded into obscurity. Country/Americana singer/songwriter Blaze Foley spent many decades in in that sea of obscurity but now, nearly three decades after his death, this underground legend is finally getting the attention he has deserved since his humble beginnings in the mid- ‘70s. […]


The Secret Life of Pets

Do you wonder what your pets are up to when you're not home? From legendary composer Alexandre Desplat, The Secret Life of Pets - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available on July 8th alongside theatrical release! From Illumination Entertainment, The Secret Life of Pets follows the lives of of pets while their owners are away from home. Alexandre Desplat has also composed original soundtracks for movies such as The Kings Speech, Argo, The Curious Case [...]

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New Warcraft This June!

The Warcraft Original Soundtrack to debut on June 10! From Universal Studios, the Warcraft Original Soundtrack will debut alongside the theatrical release on June 10! The soundtrack is score composed by Ramin Djawadi, who also scored Game of Thrones, Dracula Untold and Pacific Rim. Warcraft Theatrical Trailer Warcraft Original Soundtrack Tracklist   01. Warcraft 02. The Horde 03. Medivh 04. Honor 05. Forrest Ambush 06. Lothar 07. Gul'Dan 08. The Beginning 09. Strong [...]

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War Soundtrack

From James Newton Howard, "The Huntsman: Winter's War" soundtrack available April 22! The Huntsman: Winter's War Official Trailer  

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The Minions 2015 Soundtrack

The Minions 2015 Soundtrack release date - July 10th. Genre: 3D-CG Comedy Adventure Cast: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Alisson Janney, Steve Coogan Directed by: Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda Heitor Pereira is a two-time Annie Award nominated composer who has scored our beloved Minions from the beginning of the franchise (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2). Despicable Me 2 soundtrack has sold over 100K albums WW to date. Featuring a soundtrack of hit [...]

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