Born Hannah Collins in Ohio in the late ‘90s, the artist currently known as Scene Queen was raised in Los Angeles, California. Surrounded by the glitz and glamor of both the music and movie business, by the time she was in her teens, she had integrated herself into the music business by running social media accounts for Emo/Alt-Rock bands. Learning more about the music business and how it worked, she eventually set her sites on becoming an artist herself. Already savvy at social media and armed with the knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t – in the music industry, the Ohio-born Hannah Collins became Scene Queen and set her sites on becoming an artist herself. And if

Scene Queen’s debut single, “Are You Tired?”, was released in 2020. While it didn’t set the world on fire, it introduced the up-and-coming artist to a wide audience, setting the stage for what was to come. Adapting an affinity to the color pink, Scene Queen’s next single was “Pretty in Pink,” which kicked off a string of singles that featured the word ‘pink’ in the title. The song was a blend of Screamo, Hip-Hop, and rock, and immediately appealed to those addicted to social media sites including TikTok and YouTube. Already skilled on marketing, Scene Queen offered a young Alt-Rock audience a brand-new artist to claim as their own. Scene Queen followed “Pretty in Pink” with singles such as “Pink Bubblegum,” “Pink Rover,” and “Pink Panther,” all of which were included on her debut mini-album BIMBOCORE, which was released in April 2022. Seven months later, she followed that release with her second mini album, BIMBOCORE, VOL. 2.

Now available on vinyl – hot pink-colored to boot! – her first mini-album is finally being released on wax! BIMBOCORE is both an album title and a description of the musical universe currently inhabited by Scene Queen herself. With lyrics that are humorous and sometimes shocking, Scene Queen walks the line between provocative and playful, coming off as both a sex kitten and a strong-willed feminist on the release… and often-times in the same song. With a musical style that mixes Screamo, Emo, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, and commercial Pop, BIMBOCORE is a lot of things at once, but it certainly doesn’t play it safe. Containing six tracks, with all but one – “Bring It On” – featuring the word ‘pink’ in the title, BIMBOCORE is perfectly crafted to appeal to a generation in need of shaking off a little steam and forging their own way in the world. The ‘Bimbocore Generation’ starts now!


BIMBOCORE (Hot Pink Vinyl Pressing)

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