Artist: Emery

Album: You Were Never Alone

UPC Code: 707541853491

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You Were Never Alone is the 2015 release by the Christian rockers. Emery released their debut, sales-record-breaking full-length on Tooth & Nail Records in 2004. The Weak’s End, followed by 2005’s The Question propelled the band to the front of the post-hardcore/rock scene. Emery’s ever-building momentum continued in 2007 with I’m Only A Man and 2008 with the When Broken Hearts Prevail EP, leading up to the group’s monumental 2009 release… In Shallow Seas We Sail, which captured a creative zenith for Emery that fans and critics still savor. Armed with a vision and an army of crowd-funders, Emery is poised to make waves with their long expected release, You Were Never Alone. This highly anticipated follow up to We Do What We Want quickly raised over $110,000 from fans in 2014, and was meticulously crafted over an entire year of production.


Emery’s new album You Were Never Alone has debuted on several Billboard charts:

Christian Albums #1

Christian/Gospel Albums #1

Independent Albums #6

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Rock Albums #10

Top Album Sales #31

The Billboard 200 #69

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