When someone mentions Thrash Metal, the first three band names that come to mind are Slayer, Slayer, and Slayer. Sure, the band are considered part of Thrash Metal’s ‘Big Four’ (alongside Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax) but, unlike the other three, Slayer has never strayed from the genre that they helped define. This is a band that bleeds passion and integrity: their unwillingness to cavort with compromise has helped secure their place in Rock history. If there was a Rock ‘n’ Roll Dictionary, the definition of Thrash Metal would only be two words long: ‘See Slayer.’  Not bad for a group of determined Metalheads from Huntington Park, California…

Founded in 1981 by Tom Araya (bass / vocals), Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), and Dave Lombardo (drums), Slayer has remained on top of the Thrash heap for over four decades. Albums like SHOW NO MERCY (1983), REIGN IN BLOOD (1986), SEASONS IN THE ABYSS (1990), DIABOLUS IN MUSICA (1998), GOD HATES US ALL (2001), and REPENTLESS (2015) have ensured that their musical legacy will continue to inspire generations of Thrash and Metal fans for years to come. Although the line-up has changed several times over the years – King and Araya have been the solo original members since 2013 – Slayer maintained their ‘Thrash Metal Giants’ status even after they officially split up in 2019.

Now that the group has reunited for a string of live dates in 2024, they are releasing THE REPENTLESS KILLOGY (LIVE AT THE FORUM IN INGLEWOOD, CA) on double vinyl colored vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket. Recorded by the band during their ‘final’ tour in 2019, this album finds the band relentless as ever, offering a smorgasbord of Slayer classics delivered with an intense passion that sprays sweat and blood from your speakers. This album features layers of Slayer classics including “Hell Awaits,”, “When the Stillness Comes,” “Reign in Blood,” “Seasons in the Abyss,” “Angel of Death,” and many more. They were relentless until the very end. And now that they’ve risen again, be afraid. Be very afraid.



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