Artist: Skyzoo

Title: Luxury

Following the successful release of the link single ‘Suicide Doors’, Skyzoo returns with the official first single off of Music For My Friends; “Luxury”. The track, featuring Buffalo new comer Westside Gunn on the hook, is best described by Sky as “a New York trunk knocker”. Sky further explains:

“The idea behind the record was to put together something that really felt like the city. Something that really felt like the NY that I know and grew up in. From the content to the beat, it feels like expensive cars driven by guys from down the block who figured out a way to get whatever they want and celebrate those realizations. That’s how the city looked and felt to me growing up, and I wanted to build something like that for this generation that still tied into the album’s overall theme of innocent ignorance and misguided desires”.

Production wise, the song finds Skyzoo behind the boards for the first time, with coaching of course from his longtime collaborator !llmind. “I had this idea for what the song should be sonically, but I had trouble getting that from the producers I went to at the time. I decided to try to man the machine myself, but there was no way I was gonna be able to pull it off without my man !llmind and his genius talents playing Steve Kerr and coaching my efforts. I went to him with the idea, picked the drums, the loop, the change ups, etc, and he then helped orchestrate it and bring it to life”.

Additionally, the video for “Luxury” has been shot and is in the works for an early June release.

Listen Now: New Single – Luxury