Singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Ernest Greene, Jr. is better known professionally as Washed Out. Dubbed ‘the godfather of Chillwave’ by Pitchfork, he has spearheaded a musical movement that blends modern technology with songs that incorporate nostalgic feelings of ‘70s and ‘80s music. Initially, he earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and was intending to find a job as a librarian. Instead, he began producing songs in his home studio. After working on music by local band Bedroom, he began to create his own material under the name Lee Weather. By 2009, he had morphed into Washed Out and the adventure began…

Originally posting his music on MySpace, he was discovered by music bloggers and his recordings connected with a legion of rabid music fans. After releasing his first two EPs – HIGH TIMES and LIFE OF LEISURE – in 2009. Signing with Sub Pop Records, Washed Out released his debut album, WITHIN AND WITHOUT, in 2011. The album was an international success and charted in the US, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, and the UK. His next album, PARACOSM, was another success and reached number 21 on the Billboard 200. His third album, MISTER MELLOW, was released on the Stones Throw label and continued his successful streak on the Australian charts. Returning to the Sub Pop label, Washed Out issued his fourth album, PURPLE NOON, in 2020, which charted in the Top 40 on Billboard’s Independent Albums, Top Alternative Albums, and Top Rock Albums charts.  

Washed Out returns in 2024 with his fifth studio album, NOTES FROM A QUIET LIFE. After relocating back to countryside where he grew up, Washed Up reconnected with his creative muse and began working on songs that would eventually become the new album. Already established in the Chillwave world, NOTES FROM A QUIET LIFE continues his musical journey forward while also embracing the moods, atmospheres, and styles of a musical era that began before he was born. This is an album filled with vaguely familiar chord changes, haunting melodies that are rooted in the modern world but still ‘feel’ classic, and proper Pop hooks. With tracks like “Hardest Part,” “Say Goodbye,” “Waking Up,” and “Running Away.” If you’re looking for music that is modern but feels classic, then NOTES FROM A QUIET LIFE fits the bill.



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