Formed in 2020 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Girl and Girl is an Alternative Rock band founded by vocalist Kai James, lead guitarist Jayden Williams, drummer Melissa ‘Aunt Liss’ James, and bassist Coby Williams (Jayden’s brother). However, Coby’s tenure with the band would not last long and he was soon replaced by Fraser Bell. The quartet’s line-up is unique as it features vocalist Kai James Aunt Liss on drums. She initially joined temporarily until they found a permanent drummer, but they convinced her to stay on full-time.

Girl and Girl released their debut single, “Shame Its Not Now,” in 2021, which was followed by two more singles that year: “White Ties” and “Doctor Marten.” In October 2021 – the same month they released the “Doctor Marten” single – the quartet issued their first EP, A TYPICAL FRIDAY NIGHT. Encouraged by critical acclaim and a growing fanbase, Girl and Girl released three singles in 2022 – “Dance Now,” “Garden Song,” and “Divorce 2” – as well as their second EP, DIVORCE. The following year brought the single “All I See” and the FRIGHT NIGHT EP. In 2024, they issued “Hello,” the first single from their highly anticipated debut album…

Four years after forming and three years since their first single, Girl and Girl release their long-awaited debut album, CALL A DOCTOR, on Sub Pop Records. While sounding unique, the listener might be able to detect influences from New Zealand and Australian Indie Rock bands, particularly those signed to iconic labels such as Flying Nun records. There’s a sense of excitement and youthful energy on the album, but it is layered in feelings of discontentment, anxiety, and paranoia. Then again, aren’t all proper albums a perfect blend of different emotions? The single “Hello” is here as well as other highlights including “Suffocate,” “Comfortable Friends,” and “Maple Jean and the Anthropocene.” CALL A DOCTOR is an album that will make you feel herky-jerky in the best possible way.



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