Alt-Rock band Switchfoot came to prominence in 2003 with the release of their fourth album, THE BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN, in 2003. However, the band existed several years before then, initially forming in San Diego, California in 1996. Founded by Jon Foreman (vocals / keyboards / guitar), his brother Tim Foreman (bass / vocals), and Chad Butler (drums), Switchfoot released their debut album, THE LEGEND OF CHIN, in 1997. While they were a Christian Rock band being distributed on a Contemporary Christian Music label (Sparrow), the band still managed to attract the attention of a large portion of secular rock fans. Their next album, NEW WAY TO BE HUMAN (1999), hit both Billboard’s Christian Albums and Heatseekers charts, making way for the Gold-selling album LEARNING TO BREATHE (2000).

Although Switchfoot had already made a name for themselves on the Christian and Alt-Rock music scenes, they finally connected with a larger commercial audience with the release of THE BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN (2003). Featuring the singles “Meant to Live,” “More Than Fine, “Gone,” “Ammunition,” “Dare You to Move,” and “This Is Your Life,” THE BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN rose to #1 on the Christian Albums chart and hit #16 on the Billboard 200. The success of this album led to a series of successful albums including NOTHING IS SOUND (2005), OH! GRAVITY (2006), HELLO HURRICANE (2009), VICE VERSES (2011), FADING WEST (2014), WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH (2016), NATIVE TONGUE (2019), and many other releases. The group has continued to move forward while still managing to harness and build upon their uniquely Switchfoot sound.                                   

In 2023, Switchfoot celebrates the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough triple-platinum album with the release of THE BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN (OUR VERSION). On this version, the now-seasoned band revisits their successful album and gives it a modern makeover. While not radically different from the original, the songs are brought to life with thanks to the members’ maturity, confidence, and understanding of what made these songs so important to their fans in the first place. On these recordings, the original trio is joined by longtime guitarist / keyboardist Jerome Fontamillas. Released on colored vinyl and housed in a triple gatefold jacket, this pressing of THE BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN (OUR VERSION) includes the entire album re-recorded PLUS a poster. So, come and listen to the album – again – for the first time. This is perfect gateway release for fans, new and old.



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