With a name that guarantees that they won’t get their own TV special on Disney+ or Nickelodeon, Fucked Up is one of Canada’s premiere Hardcore Punk bands. Formed in 2001, the group was founded by vocalist Damian Abraham, guitarists Mike Haliechuk and Josh Zucker, bassist Sandy Miranda, and drummer Jonah Falco, all of whom are still with the band over two decades later. The group immediately released a demo in 2001, which was followed by a string of singles including “No Pasaran,” “Dance of Death,”, “Police,” and “Baiting the Public.” In 2004, they gathered up their singles and issued the EPICS IN MINUTES compilation. The group finally released their official debut studio album, HIDDEN WORLD, in 2006. While the band continued to build an audience through live performances and the release of their debut album, they didn’t make their televised debut until 2007, where they appeared on MTV Live under the name Effed Up.

In 2007, Fucked Up added additional guitarist Ben Cook before recording their critically acclaimed second album, THE CHEMISTRY OF COMMON LIFE (2008). The album earned the group a Polaris Music Price in Canada in 2009. Fucked Up’s third album, DAVID COMES TO LIFE (2011), was a ‘Rock Opera’ set in Thatcher’s England. Another critical success, the album climbed to #83 on the Billboard 200. After a short hiatus, the band returned with the album GLASS BOYS in 2014. After releasing ZANZIBAR, their ‘soundtrack’ to the 1924 silent film WEST OF ZANZIBAR, the group returned with their fifth proper album, DOSE YOUR DREAMS, in 2018. That album was followed by 2021’s YEAR OF THE HORSE. With the departure of guitarist Ben Cook in 2021, the group’s line-up returned to their original core five members.

Fucked Up returns in 2023 with the album ONE DAY, a passionate and brutal album that embraces the band’s classic tough-as-nail aesthetic while also moving forward. While still sticking with their hardcore roots, the group has managed to incorporate many different elements to their sound over the years, creating something that is uniquely their own. Highlights of ONE DAY include “I Think I Might Be Weird,” “Found,” and the title track, all three of which were debuted prior to the release ONE DAY. However, the album is filled with highlights and surprises, which is par for the course for Fucked Up. “Nothing’s Immortal” reveals the group’s Pop smarts while still fully embracing their Hardcore sensibilities. “Cicada” is another Pop-flavored tune that soars into Bob Mould territory. Overall, ONE DAY is yet another addition to a stellar catalog by a group that continues to tread new ground over two decades into their career.



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