IRVINE, CA, October 22, 2015: AMPED Distribution, who specialize in independent distribution worldwide, has partnered with Argentina’s MUSIC BROKERS to bring you ‘80s RE:COVERED, a brilliant collection of new recordings that turns the day-glo decade on its head, on November 13, 2015!

     Hear some of the biggest acts of the 80’s – ABC, WANG CHUNG, KIM WILDE, CHINA CRISIS, GO WEST, KIM CARNES, BELINDA CARLISLE and others – take songs from yesterday and today and turn them into totally 80’s hits! You’ve never heard your favorite songs by RADIOHEAD, THE BYRDS, BLUR, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and CAROLE KING like this before! This is 80’s RE:COVERED!

     The project was spear-headed by FEDERICO SCIALABBA of Argentina-based Music Brokers and British producer extraordinaire ROBIN MILLAR (Sade, Everything But The Girl, Big Country). Robin explains: “Federico told me they had an idea to make an album of 80’s artists recording songs from either before or after the ‘80s that were also known in the region (Argentina). The problem was that artists and managers didn’t take an Argentina company seriously so they needed someone who could get access to the artists and at least ask them. That was really my role at the beginning.”

     Millar became one of the executive producers of the project and was able to bring together some of the decade’s greatest acts. He provided them with the resources to prove their ongoing relevance to the masses, while letting them have a lot of fun in the process. “I think this was may be the first time for quite a while that a lot of the artists had someone they respected challenging them to do their best work.” Robin says. “I think it was really good for them. Maybe it will even make their own work that much better.”

     Judging by the top notch performances, the artists chose their songs wisely. For one artist, the song chosen was for very personal reasons. “I was given a list of about 20 songs. ‘High And Dry’ jumped out at me. I’ve always loved the song. It means a lot to me.” ABC’s MARTIN FRY reveals. “It reminds me of a time when I was drinking a lot and partying hard and then when I sobered up over 10 years ago. Life is good now and I’m at the top of my game.” Even though it holds a deep meaning for Martin, he still had fun turning it into a signature ABC track. “We tried to make it like a prequel. Like people would hear Radiohead’s version and think they’d covered that song from the 80’s! It has an amusing time-machine aspect to it – a back-to-the-future vibe.”

     The songs on 80’s RE:COVERED retain their unique charm, yet they now sound like originals in the hands of the artists performing them. CHINA CRISIS’ take on CAROLE KING’s “It’s Too Late” could fit comfortably alongside anything they recorded on their first two albums. BELINDA CARLISLE turns CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” into a Pop anthem. CAPTAIN & TENNILLE’s Soft Pop classic “Love Will Keep Us Together” becomes a dancefloor groover in the hands of KIM WILDE. Every track on 80’s RE:COVERED is a fun-filled trip back and forth in time. Too bad they didn’t include a DeLorean!

     “I can honestly say all the artists and producers are very happy with the finished tracks and with the whole record.” Robin Millar adds. “Personally I think it’s some of these artists’ best work for a long time. They really stepped up to the plate.”

     80’s RE:COVERED is a two CD set – Disc One contains 12 new unique cover versions by original ‘80s stars while Disc Two contains extended remixes of each of those 12 tracks.




  1. Long Train Runnin’ – Curiosity Killed The Cat
  2. High & Dry – ABC
  3. It’s Too Late – China Crisis
  4. Wicked Game – Black
  5. Rocket Man – Heaven 17
  6. Human – Go West
  7. Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Belinda Carlisle
  8. Under My Thumb – Kim Carnes
  9. Hot Stuff – Samantha Fox
  10. Girls And Boys – Wang Chung
  11. Love Will Keep Us Together – Kim Wilde
  12. Mr. Tambourine Man – Johnny Hates Jazz




  1. High & Dry – ABC (The Empire State Kalahari Mix)
  2. Rocket Man – Heaven 17 (12″ Remix”)
  3. Under My Thumb – Kim Carnes (PJS ‘Tom Thumb” Mix)
  4. Human – Go West (The Stevensonics Mix)
  5. Long Train Runnin’ – Curiosity Killed The Cat (The Phil Harding & PJS LTR Mind The Gap’ Mix)
  6. Hot Stuff – Samantha Fox (PJS ‘Hot Stuff 80’s Club’ Remix)
  7. Girls And Boys – Wang Chung (Extended Mix)
  8. Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Belinda Carlisle (PJS ‘It’s Raining’ Mix)
  9. Mr. Tambourine Man – Johnny Hates Jazz (Extended Mix)
  10. Love Will Keep Us Together – Kim Wilde (Alternative Mix)
  11. Wicked Game – Black (12″ Dream Sequence Mix)
  12. It’s Too Late – China Crisis (Extended Desert Island Mix)



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