“Eternity”, Little Faith’s third release, will debut on October 30.


Jazz-informed, all-Gospel combo Little Faith reach back to

American music’s bedrock for a genuinely inspirational sound,

and the results are nothing less than electrifying. With Eternity ,

their third release, the band’s combination of traditional

spiritual standards and original compositions creates an

engaging, irresistible set of songs, delivered with an emphasis

on gospel’s expressive power that eschews religious

proselytizing in favor of spreading simple, secular musical joy.

Watch Little Faith’s live performance here!

Little Faith Tour Dates

10/9 Art Night Pasadena – Pasadena, CA

10/11 Malarkey’s – Long Beach, CA

10/19 Maui Sugar Mill – Tarzana, CA

10/30 Musician’s Institute – Los Angeles, CA

10/31 Arcadia Blues Club – Arcadia, CA

11/8 Hope Lutheran Church – Los Angeles, CA

11/13 E Spot Lounge – Studio City, CA

12/12 Highland Park Ebell Club – Los Angeles, CA