Ateez is slowly proving its musical influence worldwide. The K-Pop rockstars will join Record Store Day 2024 celebrations with a new badge of honor – RSD’s K-pop Artist Of the Year.

Record Store Day 2024 is taking place on April 20. And Ateez fans will get a special gift from the artists to celebrate their new honorary title. After a major sweep in the year-ending award shows, the K-Pop octet got another impressive title. That shows why they have remained at the top since their debut.

Record Store Day‘s new category, K-pop Artist of the Year, got its first winner, Ateez. To celebrate the special title, the K-pop icons announced the release of their exclusive vinyl, ATEEZ – THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL (X version). The vinyl will be available on Record Store Day’s website and participating record stores on Record Store Day this spring.

Ateez released the studio album THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL on December 1, 2023. It went on to debut in the Billboard 200 chart at Number 1 along with debuting atop on South Korea’s Circle Album Chart.

With two new unreleased tracks, the vinyl release is considered a mini ‘comeback’ for Atinys (the group’s rabid fanbase). The fandom is eagerly waiting to hear about Ateez’s next music ventures.

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