Formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1996, Camera Obscura have proven themselves to be one of Scotland’s most reliable – and finest – Pop outfits. Founded by vocalist / guitarist Tracyanne Campbell, bassist Gavin Dunbar, and vocalist / percussionist John Henderson. Other members of the group came and went before they released their 1998 singles “Park and Ride” and “Your Sound.” The group’s permanent line-up grew with the addition of keyboardist Lindsay Boyd and drummer Lee Thomson in 2000 and guitarist Kenny McKeeve the following year. With this line-up, Camera Obscura prepared to take on the Indie Pop world, one record at a time.

Released at the tail end of 2001, Camera Obscura released their debut album BIGGEST BLUEST HI FI to great acclaim from critics and Indie Rock and Pop fans. The group added keyboardist Carey Lander and trumpeter Nigel Baillie before releasing their sophomore effort UNDERACHIEVERS PLEASE TRY HARDER in 2003. However, founding member John Henderson left the group in 2004. The group rebounded from this loss with the release of LET’S GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY (2006), which was their first to appear on the UK Albums chart. The group’s hard work paid off when 2009’s MY MAUDLIN CAREER hit the Top 40 in the UK and Ireland. They continued to achieve critical and commercial success with the release of 2013’s DESIRE LINES. However, tragedy struck Camera Obscura when Carey Lander died from bone cancer in 2015. In the wake of her death, Camera Obscura went on indefinite hiatus and the members pursued other projects.

Camera Obscura returned to live action in 2018 but their plans to record a new album were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the group returns in 2024 with LOOK TO THE EAST, LOOK TO THE WEST. The album embraces the beautiful, wistful Pop of old and adds a layer of maturity that lifts the band to new heights. The melodies are gentle and beautiful and float through the air like the fragrance of a flower, adding an ethereal feeling to the album. Songs like “We’re Going to Make It in a Man’s World,” “Big Love,” “Liberty Print,” and others are some of the best of their career. LOOK TO THE EAST, LOOK TO THE WEST features longtime members Tracyanne Campbell, Gavin Dunbar, Lee Thomson, and Kenny McKeeve joined by new keyboardist Donna Maciocia, all of whom come together to create pure magic on this highly anticipated album. And yes, LOOK TO THE EAST, LOOK TO THE WEST was definitely worth the wait.



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