Music-distribution and payments platform Stem is teaming with physical-distribution company AMPED to further aid independent artists in unlocking distribution and growth opportunities.

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Description automatically generatedThe deal was facilitated by Stem Head of Catalog and Label Partnerships Nick Terzo and will enable the company to offer vinyl, CD, cassette, DVD and Blu-ray production services to its partner artists and labels through AMPED’s distribution infrastructure. Stem partners will have access to their own AMPED portal to monitor sales data, and royalty statements will also be integrated into Stem’s app.

“We are thrilled to partner with AMPED to provide independent artists with a comprehensive distribution solution,” said Stem President Kristin Graziani (above), whose platform has enjoyed recent successes with pop-rock duo LANY and buzzy Nashville indie newcomer Tucker Wetmore. “This partnership represents a significant opportunity for artists to reach new audiences and deepen connections with existing fans.”

Added AMPED head Dean Tabaac of the deal, which will primarily focus on North America with plans for global expansion at a later date, “Together, we will empower artists to reach their full potential and connect directly with their fans through physical product.”