Formed in Waregem, Belgium in 1995, Aborted is a Death Metal / Grindcore band fronted by vocalist – and sole original member – Sven de Caluwé. While the group’s line up has changed several times over the years, Sven’s musical vision has helped to move the band forward in the nearly 30 years since their formation. A few years after coming together, they released their first demo tape entitled THE NECROTOROUS CHRONICLES (1997), which caught the attention of metal fans and labels. After building a larger audience, they released their debut album, THE PURITY OF PERSERVERSION, in 1999. That debut was followed by well-received releases including ENGINEERING THE DEAD (2001), GOREMAGEDDON: THE SAW AND THE CARNAGE DONE (2003), THE MAEMATOBIC EP (2004), and THE ARCHAIC ABATTOIR (2005).

Aborted’s international fan base began to grow substantially with the release of SLAUGHTER & APPARATUS: A METHODICAL OVERTURE (2007), which included guest appearances from Carcass’ Jeffrey Walker and Hatesphere’s Jacob Bredahl and Henrik Jacobsen. Further albums include STRYCHNINE 213 (2008), GLOBAL FLATLINE (2012), THE NECROTIC MANIFESTO (2014), RETROGORE (2016), TERRORVISION (2018), and MANIACULT (2021). During this period, the prolific group also released five more EPs, one DVD (2006’S THE AURICULAR CHRONICLES), and split releases with Christ Denied, Misery Index, Brodequin, Drowning, and Exhumed. In the nearly three decades that he’s fronted Aborted, Sven de Caluwé has pushed the band forward through various lineups and the ever-changing musical landscape.

Aborted return in 2024 with the album VAULT OF HORRORS, and album that pays tribute to classic horror films that influenced Sven de Caluwé and the band throughout the years. As uncompromising as ever, the band collaborates with many of their contemporaries including Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent), Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Ricky Hoover (Ov Sulfur), Alex Erian (Despised Icon), Jason Evans (Ingested), Johnny Ciardullo (Angelmaker) and others. With tracks like “Dreadbringer,” “Death Cult,” “Malevolent Haze,” and “Brotherhood Of Sleep,” VAULT OF HORRORS is an album that brings Grindcore and bloody gore together again, adding a new crimson colored layer to Aborted’s illustrious career. On this album, they give you exactly what you want… and a whole lot more. Be afraid. Be very afraid.



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