Ace Frehley – born Paul Frehley in The Bronx, New York – is a Rock ‘n’ Roll legend. As a founding member of KISS, Ace came to prominence in 1974 when the group released the albums KISS and HOTTER THAN HELL. Their popularity began to pick up steam with 1975’s DRESSED TO KILL, which set the stage for their big breakthrough with the release of the live release KISS ALIVE! (1975) and the studio album DESTROYER in 1976. KISS then became one of the most popular bands in the world, releasing many other hit albums including ROCK AND ROLL OVER (1976), LOVE GUN (1977), DYNASTY (1979), and others. However, the enormous success of the band was a bit overwhelming and by 1982, Ace left KISS and pursued a musical life outside of the band. It wasn’t always easy, but four decades on, Ace keeps on rockin’ in the Frehley world!

Although Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were the ‘leaders’ of KISS, when all four members – Frehley, Simmons, Stanley, and Peter Criss – released their infamous solo albums in 1978, the most beloved of them all was Ace’s. So, when he left the band, he began to pursue his own musical projects including the group Frehley’s Comet, who released two studio albums – FREHLEY’S COMET (1987) and SECOND SIGHTING (1988) – and a live mini-album before Ace switched gears and returned to his solo career with 1989’s TROUBLE WALKIN’. Miraculously, Ace (and Peter Criss) returned to KISS in 1996 and toured with the band as well as appearing on the 1998 album PSYCHO CIRCUS. After a ‘farewell’ tour in 2001 and a live appearance at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Ace left KISS again and returned to a busy solo career that included the albums ANOMALY (2009), SPACE INVADER (2014), ORIGINS VOL. 1 (2016), SPACEMAN (2018), and ORIGINS VOL. 2 (2020).

In 2024, Ace Frehley returns with 10,000 VOLTS, his first album in four years. Now a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (since 2014), Ace Frehley continues his Rock and Metal onslaught with this highly anticipated album that has already stirred up his fanbase with the release of the tracks “Cherry Medicine,” “Walking on the Moon,” and the title track. Produced by Trixter’s Steve Brown, the album showcases an artist still filled with the same energy and excitement that made him an iconic guitarist in the first place. With tracks like “Cosmic Heart,” “Blinded,” and “Life of a Stranger,” he shows his versatility and prowess are more than present and accounted for. There’s a reason that Ace landed in the Top 15 of Guitar World’s 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time, and that talent is on fully display here on 10,000 VOLTS!


10,000 VOLTS

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