The Heavy Metal genre came to life in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In the 50+ years since it crawled out of your parents’ nightmares, it has become one of the most popular of all Rock genres. Regardless of what the charts have revealed over the years, Heavy Metal has continued to grow and thrive in the face of adversity. It has also given birth to many sub-genres over the years… and those sub-genres how have sub-genres. From Thrash Metal to Black Metal and Symphonic Metal to Doom Metal, the genre continues to evolve and grow with each passing year. Which brings us to Progressive Death Metal and one of the most exciting bands of the genre…

Alluvial – formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016 – is comprised of vocalist Kevin Muller, guitarist Wes Hauch, bassist Tim Walker, and drummer Zac Dean. Initially, the original line-up of the group released their debut instrumental album, THE DEEP LONGING FOR ANNIHILATION, in early 2017. However, Hauch’s plan for the band was always to bring in a vocalist that was strong enough to left the band’s music to a new level. Enter Kevin Muller (The Merciless Concept / Suffocation), who fronted the band on their sophomore album SARCOMA (2021). The group’s Death Metal sound moved in several different directions, which led the band to be classified as Progressive Death Metal. Regardless of what category you want to file them under, Alluvial have become one of the most talked-about modern Death Metal bands around.

Alluvial returns in 2024 with the DEATH IS BUT A DOOR EP. By design, this release is darker and heavier than their previous releases. According to Wes Hauch, “We will always find a way to be darker from record to record in the same way that (Slayer’s) SOUTH OF HEAVEN was heavier than REIGN IN BLOOD and SEASONS IN THE ABYSS was heavier than SOUTH OF HEAVEN.”  Consisting of four tracks – “Bog Dweller,” “Fogbelt,” “Area Code,” and the title track – Alluvial has achieved their goal with DEATH IS BUT A DOOR, a dark and menacing slice of Death Metal that exceeds expectations and builds on past glories while also pointing to an even darker and heavier future.



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