Coming to prominence in the late 1980s as singer and songwriter of Alt-Rock trio Blake Babies, Juliana Hatfield has since become a critically acclaimed solo artist and has collaborated with numerous bands including The Lemonheads, Some Girls, Minor Alps, and The I Don’t Cares. However, her musical journey began years earlier while growing up in Boston, Massachusetts. Always interested in music, her life-changing moment occurred when she first heard Los Angeles-based Punk band X. Pursuing a career in music, she formed Blake Babies in 1986 while attending the Berklee College of Music. The group – which also featured Freda Love and John Strohm – released three albums and a mini album before they announced their break-up in 1992. But this ending became a new beginning for Hatfield…

In 1992, Juliana Hatfield released her solo debut album, HEY BABE, to critical acclaim. Her second album, BECOME WHAT YOU ARE (1993) was released under the band name The Juliana Hatfield Three, a group name that she would return to later in her career. More critical acclaim followed for albums including ONLY EVERYTHING (1995), BED (1998), BEAUTIFUL CREATURE (2000), PEACE & LOVE (2010), WILD ANIMALS (2013), and PUSSYCAT (2017). In 2018, she began a series of albums that featured her unique take on artists that influenced her throughout her life. That first release, JULIANA HATFIELD SINGS OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, was followed a year later by JULIANA HATFIELD SINGS THE POLICE (2019). While she continued to release original music, these releases brough her career full circle as she embraced those artists that inspired her as a young artist.

Four years after her tribute to Sting, Andy, and Stewart, she returns with the third album in her series, JULIANA HATFIELD SINGS ELO. Tackling the music of supreme Pop songwriter Jeff Lynne would normally be an overwhelming task, but on this release, Juliana takes it all in stride. Rather than attempting to recreate the classic sound of the Electric Light Orchestra, she presents a series of great Pop songs that recall the classic sound of – you guessed it – Juliana Hatfield. Well-known songs like “Can’t Get it Out Of My Head” and “Don’t Bring Me Down” fit comfortably alongside lesser-known gems like “Bluebird Is Dead” and “From The End Of The World,” and reveal that Jeff Lynne’s songs don’t need to be slickly produced in order reach the soul. And this release also reveals just how much we need Juliana Hatfield in our lives.



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