Born in Dublin, Ireland, Glen Hansard is an Academy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician. He began his musical journey at the age of 13 when he left school and became a busker on the streets of Dublin, singing songs for spare change. After many years of perfecting his craft, he formed a group by the name of The Frames in 1990. The following year, the group released their debut album, ANOTHER LOVE SONG. However, Hansard came to international prominence that year for a completely different project:  his role as guitarist Outspan Foster in the hit film THE COMMITMENTS. While his film role depicted him as a member of an Irish Soul band, the rootsy Rock of The Frames was where his heart was at.

While his brush with fame for the film role brought him to the attention of movie-goers and music lovers, Glen Hansard focused on performing his own music with The Frames. After several more albums with the group – including FITZCARRALDO (1995), DANCE THE DEVIL (1999), FOR THE BIRDS (2001), BURN THE MAPS (2004), and THE COST (2006) – he formed THE SWELL SEASON with Czech singer and songwriter Markéta Irglová.  Both Hansard and Irglová co-starred in the film ONCE and wrote music for the soundtrack. One of their songs – “Falling Slowly” – won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 80th Academy Awards. After three albums with The Swell Season, Hansard started his solo career with 2012’s RHYTHM AND REPOSE and has continued with many musical projects since then.

Glen Hansard returns in 2023 with the album ALL THAT WAS EAST IS WEST OF ME NOW, which blends his Folk roots with modern Rock. From tracks that rumble and roll to others that flow as gentle as a spring breeze, ALL THAT WAS EAST IS WEST OF ME NOW is classic Glen Hansard with a little something extra. With singles such as “The Feast of St. John,” “Sure as the Rain,” “There’s No Mountain,” and “Bearing Witness,” this is an album that touches on many emotions. For those familiar with Hansard’s catalog will not be surprised by the deep, layered sound of the album while those only familiar with ONCE and a few other releases will be dazzled by the musical avenues he chooses to travel down on the album. ALL THAT WAS EAST… is yet another triumph from Glen Hansard.



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