Formed in Toledo, Ohio in 2009, Citizen is an Alt-Rock band founded by vocalist Mat Kerekes and brothers Nick Hamm (lead guitar) and Eric Hamm (bass). All three had exited their previous band, The Sound of Glory (where Kerekes played drums) and formed Citizen a short time later. The band also included rhythm guitarist Ryland Oehlers (who exited the band as a full-time member in 2020) as well as drummers Mike Armstrong (2009-2012), Cray Wilson (2012-2014), and Jake Duhaime (2014-2019). Shortly after forming, the group recorded their first demo and made their live debut in January 2010. They built up a local following and started playing higher profile shows. In 2011, the released a split EP with The Fragile Season. They also released the YOUNG STATES EP.

Signing with Run For Cover Records in early 2012, Citizen’s next release was another split EP, this time with labelmates Turnover. Run For Cover then re-released the YOUNG STATES EP before the band issued their critically acclaimed debut album, YOUTH, in 2013. Their next album, 2015’s EVERYBODY IS GOING TO HEAVEN, was a critical and commercial success, landing on the Billboard charts. By the time AS YOU PLEASE was released in 2017, Citizen was one of the hottest Alt-Rock / Emo bands on the scene. The album reached #2 on Billboard’s Heatseakers chart as well as #46 on the US Top Album Sales chart and #9 on the Independent Albums chart. Four years later, they released the album LIFE IN YOUR GLASS WORLD (2021), which was yet another success for the band.

In 2023, Citizen releases their highly anticipated fifth album CALLING THE DOGS. Produced by Rob Schnapf, the band’s core trio of Kerekes and the Hamm brothers are joined by new full-time members Ben Russell (drums) and Mason Mercer (rhythm guitar), both of whom have been touring with the band for some time. Featuring the singles “If You’re Lonely,” “Hyper Trophy,” “When I Let You Down,” and “Can’t Take It Slow,” CALLING THE DOGS is an album that packs a melodic emotional punch without overstaying its welcome. With most songs on the album clocking in at less than three minutes, this is an album that explores many emotions in bite-sized chunks. The group also switches things up from song to song, exploring different beats and grooves – many of which embrace conventional Rock / Pop formats – while also remaining true to their own powerful sonic sound. This is the sound of now!



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