Formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 2015, Slow Pulp is an Indie / Alt-Rock band formed by Alex Leeds (bass / vocals), Henry Stoehr (guitar), and Teddy Matthews (drums). The group began to create a buzz with the release of EP1 in 2015. However, the group’s sound gelled with the addition of singer / guitarist Emily Massey, who made her recording debut on EP2 in 2017. The buzz around the band began to grow into a rumble and they really caught the attention of a larger audience and the music industry by the time they issued their third EP, BIG DAY, in 2019. The group’s growing popularity led to them signing a record deal with the Winspear label. The buzz that led to a rumble had turned into a roar…

Slow Pulp released their debut album, MOVEYS, in 2020. By this time, the group had relocated to Chicago, Illinois and had integrated themselves into the city’s fervent music scene. The group had initially finished recording an album but scrapped the sessions and reworked the material after Emily Massey experienced health issues and also had to head back to Madison to take care of her parents, who were recovering from a car accident. And then the COVID-19 pandemic threw everyone into lockdown and the group had to finish recording the album remotely. The resulting album, MOVEYS, was a critical success and Slow Pulp became one of the most talked about bands on the Alt-Rock music scene. Slow Pulp followed the album with the DELETED SCENES EP in 2021.

After a two year wait, Slow Pulp returns in 2023 with their highly anticipated second full length album, YARD. The album is the group’s first release for the Anti- label and has already received glowing reviews by music critics and fans alike. The album’s release was preceded by the tracks “Cramps,” “Slugs,” “Doubt,” and the country-tinged “Broadview,” all of which introduced listeners to a quartet that prefers to play the music game their way. With an equal amount of acoustic and electric guitars, the album is an intimate journey through the Indie and Alt-Rock landscape, blending haunting melodies with a musical urgency that creates its own unique atmosphere. The varied musical styles on the album reveal a band that continues to grow and move forward.



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