Acclaimed Punk and Alternative singer / songwriter Jeff Rosenstock – born in Long Island, New York – is now best known as a solo artist but his career reaches back nearly 30 years when he formed his first band, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, in 1995. The group issued a series of releases – including BUILT TO FAIL (1998), PORNOCRACY (2000), and ALL THE LITTLE ONES ARE ROTTING (2003) – before splitting up in 2004. Rosenstock then intended to record a solo single, but his plans changed and the project became his next band Bomb The Music Industry! More of a collective than a band, Bomb The Music Industry! was prolific during their decade-long existence, releasing numerous albums, EPS, and split releases alongside appearances on compilations.

Jeff Rosenstock also worked with other musical projects during this time including Kudrow, Antarctigo Vespucci, Pegasuses-XL, and The Bruce Lee Band. He began his solo career in 2012, just two years before he brought Bomb The Music Industry! to a close. However, he didn’t release his first official solo album, WE COOL?, until 2015. He followed that with the albums WORRY (2016), POST- (2018), and NO DREAM (2020). Although he’s either been classified as Punk, Alternative, or Punk-Ska, a quick listen to his catalog reveals that he is all of the above and so much more. From melodic Alt-Rock to aggressive Punk Rock, Jeff Rosenstock is an artist unafraid of taking chances and stretching his musical muscles in any way that he can. Essentially, there’s going to be something for everyone in Rosenstock’s catalog.

Jeff Rosenstock returns in 2023 with HELLMODE, an album that crosses many musical boundaries while still sounding like classic Rosenstock. Working as a solo artist, he no longer has to follow any formula that he may have felt restricted to in his previous bands. Now, he does what he wants and we all get to enjoy every minute of it. With songs like “Liked U Better,” “Doubt,” and “Healmode,” this is an album filled with melody and musical inventiveness. There’s even an atmosphere on the album that can be felt, but not really heard. But don’t think that Jeff Rosenstock is going soft because HELMODE can be an aggressive blast to the senses. And that is exactly what we all need in these trying times!



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