Formed in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, Teenage Wrist is an alternative rock band founded by Marshall Gallagher (vocals / guitar), Anthony Salazar (drums), and Kamtin Mohager (vocals / bass). Influenced by shoegaze, grunge, and other forms of ‘90s alternative rock, the group’s members focused on writing their own material and released their debut EP, DAZED, in 2015. The band’s popularity began to grow, and they began to attract attention from various label. After the release of their second EP, LIVE AT NOISE COALITION, in 2016, Teenage Wrist signed with iconic punk label Epitaph Records. In a short amount of time, the group went from alternative rock hopefuls to a band on the verge of something bigger…

Teenage Wrist’s debut album, CHROME NEON JESUS, was released in 2018 and, before they went on tour, the band realized that they needed to beef up their live sound in order to match the power of their studio recordings. Adding guitarist Chase Barham, Teenage Wrist became a quartet and went out on the road with other artists – including Thrice Pianos Become the Teeth, Manchester Orchestra, Basement and Citizen – and played their own shows as well as appearing at several international festivals. However, founding member Kamtin Mohager left the group in 2019, followed by Chase Barham’s departure a year later. The duo of Gallagher and Salazar continued as a duo and released the album EARTH IS A BLACK HOLE in 2021.

Teenage Wrist returns in 2023 with STILL LOVE, their second album as a duo and their third overall. With musical assistance from 311 vocalist/turntablist Doug “SA” Martinez and Canadian duo Softcult, STILL LOVE is an album that maintains their core sound while also exploring new forms of musical expression. From straight up grunge-inspired tracks to songs that are coated in a Dreampop glaze, STILL LOVE focuses on substance over style and showcases their maturing songwriting skills. Highlights from the album include “Sunshine,” “Diorama,” “Dark Sky,” and the title track, but there’s much more to the album than those songs. STILL LOVE is an album jam-packed with power AND melody. With more instantly lovable hooks then their prior releases, this is an album that should bring them to the attention of a new generation of fans.



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