Based in Memphis, Tennessee, singer and songwriter Drew Holcomb began his career as a solo artist, releasing his debut EP, LOST AND FOUND, in 2003. With the release of his debut album, WASHED IN BLUE (2005), he achieved his first brush with success when his songs began to get placement in television shows. After marrying Ellie Bannister – daughter of Contemporary Christian producer and songwriter Brown Bannister – the couple relocated to Nashville where Drew began putting together a band. After recruiting Nathan Dugger and Rich Brinsfield, the final addition to the original lineup was Drew’s new bride, Ellie, and Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors was born. The group began to build up a loyal following with their engaging live shows and would continue to be a live draw throughout their career.

After the release of the holiday album, A NEIGHBORLY CHRISTMAS (2007), the group began to make waves with the release of the albums PASSENGER SEAT (2008) and A MILLION MILES AWAY (2009). Their 2011 album CHASING SOMEDAY was their first album to place on several of Billboard’s charts including the Billboard 200 Albums, and the Folk, Indie, Rock, and Heatseekers charts. While Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors’ career began to take off with commercially successful albums such as GOOD LIGHT (2013), MEDICINE (2015), SOUVENIR (2017), and DRAGONS (2019), Ellie began pursuing a solo career although she would still continue to work with the group on and off. Drew and Ellie would also collaborate together on COMING HOME: A COLLECTION OF SONGS (2022).

In 2023, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors return with their ninth studio album, STRANGERS NO MORE. The album continues the group’s blend of Folk, Bluegrass, Pop, and Americana, creating an album that is both tender and comforting yet also boisterous and fun. Songs like “Find Your People,” “All The Money In The World,” ‘Dance With Everybody,” and the album opener “Fly” are already classics and have been embraced by the group’s legion of fans. But there is so much more to enjoy as you immerse yourself into this warm and wonderous album. STRANGERS NO MORE is an album that is not only immediately accessible thanks to the melodic hooks, it is also an emotional rollercoaster that reaches deep down into the heart of the listener and stirs up long lost feelings. Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors make music to bring people together and they’ve done it yet again with STRANGERS NO MORE.



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