Formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2009, Beach Fossils is an indie rock band founded by singer / guitarist Dustin Payseur.  Born in North Carolina, Payseur moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue his musical dreams. Armed with a batch of lo-fi indie rock recordings, Beach Fossils had initially begun as a solo project for the young songwriter. Shortly after his arrival in NYC, he recruited guitarist Christopher Sennott Burke, bassist John Pena, and drummer Tommy Lucas and Beach Fossils became a living, breathing band. After building up a local following, Beach Fossils toured the US and built up a fanbase even before they released a record.

BEACH FOSSILS, the group’s debut album, was released in 2010. Written, recorded, and produced by Payseur, the album was a critical success and brought the band to the attention of a wider audience. The group’s next release was the WHAT A PLEASURE EP (2011), which was followed by their sophomore album CLASH THE TRUTH (2013). By the time of their third album, 2017’s SOMERSAULT, Beach Fossils had positioned themselves as one of Indie Rock’s most unique bands with their mix of gorgeous, dreamy Pop, emotional depth, and Post-Post-Punk smarts.

While the band’s line-up continued to evolve – and now includes guitarist Tommy Davidson, bassist Jack Doyle Smith, and drummer Anton Hochheim – the group remains the musical vision of Dustin Payseur. With the arrival of the long-awaited fourth album, BUNNY, Beach Fossils deliver what could be their most satisfying album to date. Filled with confidence, determination, and Pop hooks, the album is filled with instant classics such as “Don’t Fade Away,” “Run to the Moon,” “Dare Me,” “Seconds,” and ‘Sleeping On My Own.” While many other modern Indie bands have forgotten that melodies and emotions are key ingredients in proper songwriting, Payseur and the other Fossils have saved them up for a rainy day… and that rainy day is called BUNNY. Surely, one of the dreamiest – and most emotionally satisfying – albums you will hear all year.



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