Born Alfa Sekitoleko, the London, England-based musician / producer / songwriter / MC is better known by his stage name, Alfa Mist. Initially, he had his sights set on becoming a professional footballer but became interested in music while attending school. He became a teenage Hip-Hop producer and while seeking samples to incorporate into his own music, he discovered Jazz music. He then began mixing his love of Jazz improvisation with Hip-Hop and modern Dance beats, creating his own distinct sound. While working on his own sound, he also collaborated with other artists including Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch, drummer Richard Spaven, and producer Lester Duval.

Alfa Mist made his recording debut in 2014 with the release of the EPOCH EP, a collaboration with singer / songwriter / beatmaker Emmavie. Alfa Mist’s solo debut, the NOCTURNE EP, was released in 2015. He issued his long-awaited full-length debut, ANTIPHON (2017), to great acclaim. After working with Yusseff Days and Mansur Brown on the single “Love is the Message,” Alfa Mist released his sophomore album STRUCTURALISM, in 2019. Signing to the label Anti-, he issued his third album, BRING BACKS, in 2021. In between these acclaimed releases, Alfa Mist also found time to set up his own record label, Sekito, and issued several of his own singles as albums and singles by some of his musical friends.

Two years after the release of BRING BACKS, Alfa Mist returns with his second Anti- release, VARIABLES. While he has already released three singles from the album – “Aged Eyes” (featuring Kaya Thomas-Dyke), “Apho” (featuring Bongesiwe Mabandla), and “4th Feb (Stay Awake)” – the album reveals his musical growth with tracks such as “Borderline,” “Cycles,” “Genda,” and the title track. Alfa Mist’s love of Jazz improv is immediately apparent on the album opener, “Forward,” which opens the gate to a musical journey that unfolds over the next nine tracks. VARIABLES is an album that sounds entirely unique on first listen but reveals its many layers over repeated listening. And isn’t that just what we are looking for in our music?



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