Formed in Brighton, England in 2004, Metalcore band Architects has most certainly made their mark in the Metal community. Their rage-filled musical onslaught incorporates Progressive Metal and Post Hardcore influences, creating an aggressive yet beautiful sound that has earned them an ever-growing legion of fans and a #1 album on the UK and Australian album charts (2021’s FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO EXIST). The band’s rise to success began back in Brighton, East Sussex, England when five local lads came together to make a little noise. Founded by drummer Dan Searle, vocalist Matt Johnson (replaced by Sam Carter in 2007), rhythm guitarist Tim Hillier-Brook (replaced by Adam Christianson in 2015), lead guitarist Tom Searle (replaced by Josh Middleton in 2017), and bassist Tim Lucas (replaced by Alex Dean in 2006), Architects’ post-Hardcore sound brought the band to the attention of the Metal community and the band recorded their first demo in 2005.

In 2006, Architects released their debut album, NIGHTMARES, which didn’t see any significant chart success but most certainly brought the group to the attention of an international audience. Their second album, RUIN (2007), helped to build the group’s fanbase, which gathered enough steam to push their third album, HOLLOW CROWN (2009), to #117 on the UK albums chart. 2011’s THE HERE AND NOW was a slight commercial breakthrough, reaching #57 in the UK and climbing to #63 in Scotland. DAYBREAKER (2012) did even better but 2014’s LOST FOREVER / LOST TOGETHER proved to be their international breakthrough, reaching #16 in the UK, and hitting the Top 30 in Australia, Austria, and Scotland. Architects next two albums – ALL OUR GODS HAVE ABANDONED US (2016) and HOLY HELL (2018) were Top 40 hits in many countries and even slid comfortably into the Top 10 in Australia and Germany. After a three-year wait, Architects’ ninth album, FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO EXIST, arrived in the midst of the pandemic. However, COVID-19 didn’t hinder sales of the album and it proved to be their most successful yet. Reaching #1 in the UK and Australia, the album was a Top 10 hit in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Scotland.

With the arrival of 2022’s THE CLASSIC SYMPTOMS OF A BROKEN SPIRIT, the sky is the limit for Architects. And even though they could rest on their laurels if they wanted to, they’ve wisely chosen to move forward and give their listeners a new and exciting aural feast. Without holding anything back, their pounding rhythms beat you into submission until the moment they release you with a soaring, hook-laden chorus. They’ve already released several singles from the album – “When We Were Young,” “Tear Gas,” and “Deep Fake” – all of which have paved the way for this Metal opus. Their recently unveiled fourth single, “A New Moral Low Ground,” is yet another excellent gateway track that will introduce you to the power of THE CLASSIC SYMPTOMS OF A BROKEN SPIRIT. The Metalcore genre is an easy way to quickly describe their sound, but Architects’ is not necessarily a band that can easily be defined by one simple description. Perhaps it is time for you to rebuild your musical universe and there is no band better to reshape your musical vision than Architects.



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