Formed in 1991 in Poland, Behemoth is known as one of pioneers of Extreme Metal and their musical influence helped to inspire the Extreme Metal underground in Poland.  Founded by vocalist/guitarist Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, the group has gone through several line-up changes over the course of their 30+ year career with Nergal remaining the only constant member since their formation. Behemoth has incorporated many styles of Extreme Metal into their sound – including Black Metal, Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal, and Thrash Metal – but ultimately, they remain unclassifiable… and that is just how leader Nergal prefers it. Behemoth did not become an iconic band by giving listeners what they expect… Behemoth gives them what they need. And they’ve been doing this since the release of their first demo – ENDLESS DAMNATION – in 1992.

After several more demos in 1993 and 1994, Behemoth released their debut album, SVENTEVITH (STORMING NEAR THE BALTIC), in 1995. While their subsequent albums caused a stir within the Extreme Metal scene, they didn’t achieve commercial momentum in their home country until the release of 2000 album Thelema 6, which reached #31 on the Polish Albums chart. By the time they released two #1 albums in Poland – EVANGELION (2009) and The Satanist (2014 – they had become an international force to be reckoned with. Their albums began charting in several countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, Finland, and the US. Their most internationally successful album was 2018’s I LOVED YOU AT THE DARKEST, which reached the Top 20 in Poland, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Sweden. If anyone thought that Rock music – especially Extreme Metal – was dead, Behemoth has blown that theory to bits.

Four years after the release of I LOVED YOU AT YOUR DARKEST, Nergal and his bandmates return in 2022 with OPVS CONTRA NATVRAM, a dark and brutal assault to the senses that will surprise even the most hardcore Behemoth fans. This is not a band that likes to rest on their laurels. In fact, they defiantly move forward, knocking down the foundation of their ‘sound’ and rebuilding it stronger and heavier than ever. And don’t think for a second that their lyrics don’t match their brutal aural assault – Nergal doesn’t hold back when he deals with the world around him… the world around us. The album’s singles – “Post-God Nirvana,” “The Deathless Sun,” and “Versus Christus” – are just the tip of the iceberg. Other key highlights include “Thy Becoming Eternal,” “Ov My Herculean Exile,” and “Once Upon A Pale Horse” are destined to be considered Behemoth classics. In fact, OPVS CONTRA NATVRAM is already a classic addition to their catalog, which is already pretty damn impressive… and heavy!



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