Post-Hardcore band Thrice was formed in Irvine, California in 1998 by high schoolers Dustin Kensrue (guitar/vocals) and Teppei Teranishi (lead guitar). The duo quickly recruited Eddie Breckenridge (bass) and his brother Riley (drums), and the band’s line-up was complete. The released their limited edition first EP, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, in 1999. The following year, they issued their debut full-length album IDENTITY CRISIS. The band began to build a buzz, picking up some high-profile support gigs and capturing the attention of record labels. Signing with Sub City/Hopeful, the album was reissued in 2001 and the band toured with several bands, raising their commercial profile even more. Unbeknownst to the band, things were only going to get better and busier for them…

Their next album, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, was released in 2002. They began the year as the opening act for other bands but within a few months, Thrice became headliners. Moving over to Island Records, they released the album THE ARTIST IN THE AMBULANCE in 2003. The following year came the CD/DVD package IF WE COULD ONLY SEE US NOW, which featured audio rarities and a documentary. The band continued to tour and release albums such as VHEISSU (2005), THE ALCHEMY INDEX, VOLUMES I & II (2007), THE ALCHEMY INDEX, VOLUMES III & IV (2008), BEGGARS (2009), and MAJOR/MINOR (2011). After a dozen years of constant activity, Thrice took a five-year hiatus before reconvening and releasing their ninth studio album, TO BE EVERYWHERE IS TO BE NOWHERE, in 2016. Signing with the iconic label Epitaph Records, the band released PALMS in 2018, which proved to be yet another success and solidified the band’s reputation as one of modern Alternative Rock’s most exciting bands.

The band returns in 2021 with HORIZONS/EAST, an album that is just as passionate as anything Thrice has released in their 23-year career. Whatever you think post-Hardcore is, think again. On this platter, Thrice turns the genre on its head and as they create their own little musical universe. The album comes as the global pandemic continues its monthly ebb and flow, and the emotions that it brings are reflected on HORIZONS/EAST. The dynamic musical arrangements mimic everything from hope to desperation, confusion to aggression. This is an album of many layers, some of which only reveal themselves over several listens. Their edge is still intact, but these four musicians have matured together, and their musical chemistry allows more atmosphere and emotion to infiltrate the music. Songs like “The Color of the Sky”, “Summer Set Fire to the Rain”, “Robot Soft Exorcism”, “Dandelion Wine”, and “Scavengers” stand out as songs that bridge the gap between what was, what is, and what will be. However, every listener is going to experience the album differently depending on their own life experience. Music tells our stories, and Thrice is here to make sure we all are heard.



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