For nearly 35 years, Tanya Donelly has been an important player in the Alternative Rock world. From her time with groundbreaking quartet Throwing Muses (which she co-founded in 1983 and left in 1991) to her stint with The Breeders (1989-1992) and her work with Belly (1991-96), Donelly’s musical journey has been unpredictable but most certainly influential and inspiring. While the first decade of her career was in the Alternative Rock spotlight, her solo career has purposely been low-key but has still been met with acclaim from fans and critics. Beginning in 1996, she has released a handful of solo albums and a string of limited EPs, each of them exploring different facets of Donelly’s talents. But just because she continued to move forward didn’t mean that she turned her back on her past – she has reunited a few times with her Throwing Muses mates, and even reassembled Belly in 2016 for a new album, issued in 2018. While not as prolific as she was in the ‘90s, Donelly’s work is still just as vital.

And this is when the Parkington Sisters enter the picture. Ariel, Sarah, and Rose Parkington were raised playing music on Cape Cod. Each of the sisters is a songwriter, a singer, and accomplished musician.  They’ve released their own albums while also sharing concert stages with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Mavis Staples, Dispatch, and Dropkick Murphys. With each release and tour, their audience has continued to grow. With their commercial profile rising even higher, their union with Donelly comes at the best time possible. With the world in turmoil thanks to the pandemic, our hearts and minds are in search of something to believe in. Leave it to Tanya and the Parkington Sisters to deliver everything we needed… and more!

TANYA DONELLY AND THE PARKINGTON SISTERS is an album that showcases the talents of these four talented musicians (plus friends Jon Evans and Matthias Bossi providing the rhythm section). While this is a collection of cover versions, the ladies steer the songs into new territories. These haunting, emotional arrangements are feature lovely and warm vocals framed by cello, violin, viola, piano, and guitar. The unique interpretations on this album bring new life to The Kinks’ “Days”, Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Let Me Roll It”, The Pretenders’ “Kid”, Michael Nesmith-via-The Stone Poneys’ “Different Drum”, Split Enz’s “The Devil You Know” (penned by Neil Finn), The Go-Go’s “Automatic”, and others. The album is quite beautiful, providing the proper amount of shadow and light in a world that is desperate for something that will lift them from despair. While this album may not bring immediate jingle-jangle joy to your life, it will most certainly bring hope. And love. And warmth. So, embrace TANYA DONELLY AND THE PARKINGTON SISTERS with all of your might and never let go.