PARANOIA is the seventh album from singer/songwriter Lee DeWyze, best known as the winner of the ninth season of AMERICAN IDOL. Paranoia is an atmospheric and highly passionate album that blends the warmth of acoustic instrumentation with cold yet emotional electronic textures, creating something that is unique yet still very commercial. PARANOIA is a highly emotional concept album that details the many facets of a romantic Relationship – a subject that all of us can relate to. 

DeWyze has been one of the few American Idol contestants to achieve a successful post-Idol career that has evolved musically into the alternative music realm. As a result, his music has been featured in many film and television shows including THE WALKING DEAD, ELEMENTARY, SUITS, NASHVILLE and others, as well as NASCAR commercials and the national campaign song for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Haunting yet hopeful, PARANOIA is an album that combines the heartache of yesterday, the anxiety of today and the dreams of tomorrow. Love is a many complicated thing and PARANOIA reveals just a few of the many layers of this most sacred emotion. So, slip into something comfortable, grab your favorite memories of that special someone, and drift into the ether with PARANOIA

Keep on truckin’,
Stephen SPAZ Schnee