Fraser A. Gorman’s “Slow Gun” is available now!


Watch Fraser A. Gorman’s “Broken Hand” music video from his new album.


“When it comes to revitalizing old sounds, this Australian is the month’s most important discovery, even if we’re not just sure it’s folk or country he’s gonna save.”

“Gorman is a charming writer and performer, and Slow Gun is successful.” Consequence of sound

“Gorman is a classic-rock romantic who daydreams about ex-girlfriends and road trips.” Jonathan Bernstein, Rolling Stone

U.S. Tour Dates

10/6 – Los Angeles, CA

10/8 – Seattle, WA

10/10 – Chicago, IL

10/11 – Minneapolis, MN

10/12 – Philadelphia, PA

10/13 – 10/17 – New York, NY