O-Town’s new album Lines & Circles to be released on July 31.

The boys are back! O-Town is preparing to get out on tour to support the hot new single “Chasing After You” taken from their new album “Lines & Circles”. Brought together by MTV, ABC and Lou Pearlman, the music industry maverick behind *N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, O-Town was the very first band to find success as a music group via the medium of television. At the height of their fame, O-Town sold over three million albums, scored two US No.1’s, two UK Top 5’s and travelled the world performing hits including ‘Liquid Dreams’ and ‘All Or Nothing’, taken from their self-titled debut album.


“The four members that did join in on the reunion made our “Liquid Dreams” come true.” –  Entertainment Tonight

“O-Town has FINALLY made their return to the music biz! It couldn’t have been better timing and their new single, Chasin After You makes it sound like they haven’t left at all! It’s seriously so perfect — you MUST listen to their single!!” –  Perez Hilton

“Your most liquid of dreams are coming true. That’s right, the early ‘00s boy band is reuniting” – MTV New