Five MUST-HAVE releases on Wounded Bird Records!

 For nearly 20 years, Guilderland, NY-based Wounded Bird Records has been quietly reissuing a plethora of CD titles that are generally geared for collectors but most definitely appeal to causal music lovers as well. Not a label to focus on one genre, Wounded Bird has just about every musical style covered – from OC punks Agent Orange to Jazz legend Joe Zawinul. In between, you’ll find releases by the golly-ricious Jim Nabors, Hard Rock heroes Montrose, former Eagles members Don Felder, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt and way too many others to list. In the early days, Wounded Bird was a straight reissue label – no bonus tracks or liner notes. However, over the years, they’ve started adding bonus material to some of the releases, which makes them even more exciting.

Sadly, most every release on the label is limited so when they are gone, they are gone – no re-pressings! What does this mean to you? It means that you should buy whatever you can RIGHT NOW because it won’t be around forever. And you know what happens when Wounded Bird CDs go out of print, right? The prices skyrocket and you end up kicking yourself because you didn’t pick it up when it was affordable. Well, I’ve done you a favor and I’ve gone through the active Wounded Bird catalog and I’m going to tell you about five currently in-print titles that you seriously need to pick up right now before they get deleted and up up trading for beaucoup bucks online! You can thank me later.


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SPAZ reviews THE CRY!





For fans, the term Power Pop is easy to describe: guitar-fueled, hook-filled songs that are short, sharp and easy to sing along to.  But wait, doesn’t that describe the less abrasive Punk sounds of the late ‘70s, as well?  And that could easily describe the cool sounds of some of the classic mid ‘60s ‘British Invasion’ type bands, too!  Ironically enough, that description also fits Dangerous Game, the latest album from The Cry, […]

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THE CRY: Power Pop for now people!

THE CRY continue to recieve great press for their album Dangerous Game.  This is what blogsite  order lamisil 250mg united states, buy lamisil drops … The Good, the Bad and the Ugly had to say about the album:

 “Supposedly, the term “Power Pop” was coined by Pete Townsend around 1967 in describing the Who’s music (and that of the Small Faces as well). In essence, he could have been describing any number of bands releasing records […]

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SPAZ reviews the latest releases on ELEFANT RECORDS!

For Pop aficionados, there is no modern record label more exciting or invigorating than Elefant Records.  Whether you are a fan of Power Pop, Baroque Pop, Dance Pop, Lounge Pop, or any other type of melodically-inclined music, there is something for you here. Based out of
Spain, the label offers up a shimmering variety of glorious tunes from bands around the world. While a majority of the acts sing in English, there are those that sing in Spanish yet the melodies […]

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