Formed in 1998 in Oakland, California, High on Fire is a Doom Metal band founded by then-former Sleep guitarist Matt Pike alongside drummer Des Kensel (who left in 2019) and bassist George Rice (who lasted until 2004). The following year, High on Fire recorded their self-titled debut EP and began to build up a large, devoted following. In 2000, the group released their first album, THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE, which helped solidify their standing in the Doom Metal / Stoner Rock genres. After the release of their second album, SURROUNDED BY THIEVES (2002), bassist George Rice left the group and was replaced by Joe Preston, best known for his own band, Thrones, as well as a short stint with Sludge rockers the Melvins). Although this line-up was short-lived, the group finally began to

This line-up of High on Fire recorded the album BLESSED BLACK WINGS (2005), which reached #40 on Billboard’s Tastemaker chart, bringing the band to the attention of an even larger audience. However, Joe Preston’s tenure with the band came to an end and he was replaced by Jeff Matz in 2006. This version of High on Fire recorded the hit albums DEATH IS THE COMMUNION (2007), SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE (2010), DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS (2012), LUMINIFEROUS (2015), and ELECTRIC MESSIAH (2018), which featured the Grammy Award-winning title track. All of the albums reached the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart and High on Fire became one of the most respected bands in Doom Rock. After 21 years with the band, drummer Des Kensel left High on Fire and was temporarily replaced by touring drummer Chris Maggio. By 2021, drummer Coady Willis became the group’s full-time drummer and they headed into the studio to record their ninth album…

High on Fire returns in 2024 with COMETH THE STORM, their first album in over five years. On the album, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz, and Coady Willis up the ante and create music that is more relentless and uncompromising than ever. Normally referred to as a Doom or Sludge Metal band, High on Fire have always pushed the boundaries and continue to operate outside the foundations of any genre. This is heavy, but it is ‘High on Fire heavy’ and packs a wallop. Beginning with album opener “Lambsbread,” COMETH THE STORM never takes its foot off the peddle. Thankfully, Coady Willis offers up many different rhythms to the group’s sound, adding more intricate layers to the group’s aural assault. With tracks like “Burning Down,” “Hunting Shadows,” and the title track, COMETH THE STORM is an album that embraces you and pummels your senses at the same time. Not an easy feat, but High on Fire do it with ease.



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