Indie Folk singer and songwriter Katy Kirby was born Kathryn Kirby into a religious household in Spicewood, Texas. She began her musical journey by singing in church during worship services. Her exposure to music up through high school had been religious music, but once she moved to Nashville, Tennessee and attended college, she was exposed to a wider musical world that inspired her to create her own music. She also connected to many other artistic people, surrounding herself with a circle of friends and musical contemporaries that encouraged her to continue creating her own art.

No longer feeling the constraints of her religious upbringing, Katy Kirby began building an audience with her original compositions. Finally expressing her own thoughts and emotions, she connected with listeners who were mesmerized by her songs and performances. Her first solo release was 2018’s JUNIPER EP, which exposed her music to a wider audience. She followed that with her debut album, COOL DRY PLACE, in 2021 to critical acclaim. She then began reaching a wider audience with live performances, sharing the stage with other acclaimed contemporaries including Waxahatchee, Andy Shauf, Julia Jacklin, Alex G and others.

Katy Kirby returns in 2024 with her highly anticipated sophomore album BLUE RASPBERRY. The album – which includes the singles “Cubic Zirconia,” “Hand to Hand,” Party of the Century,” and “Table” – began taking shape in Nashville before she relocated to Brooklyn, New York. While the album contains all of the elements that made her fans fall in love with her, BLUE RASPBERRY is also a step forward for the singer/songwriter. Apart from the singles, other album highlights include the album opener, “Redemption Arc” and the title track. While the musical arrangements may be, at times, simple and sparse, they connect with the listener at an emotional level, drawing them into her unassuming yet all consuming musical universe.  Just as it should be.



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