When some folks think about the band Missing Persons, more than likely they’ll cast their memories back to the beginning of the 1980s when the band’s songs were staples on ‘New Wave’ radio and their videos were frequently played on MTV and on local video shows across the US. Songs like “Words,” “Destination Unknown,” “Mental Hopscotch,” and “Give” still receive play on retro radio shows and the band is fondly remembered for these hits… and also for vocalist Dale Bozzio’s futuristic outfits and sex appeal. It didn’t hurt that her then-husband Terry Bozzio was one of Rock’s greatest drummers and Warren Cuccurullo was a bona-fide guitar hero. However, Missing Persons was more than just an ‘80s flash in the pan. In fact, four of the original five band members had worked with one of the most influential musicians of all time in the 1970s…

Drummer Terry Bozzio met singer Dale Consalvi in the late 1970s when Terry was a member of Frank Zappa’s band and Dale had provided vocals for one of Zappa’s recording projects. Married in 1979, the couple recruited guitarist Warren Cucurullo, who had played on Zappa’s 1979 album JOE’S GARAGE. They also brought in bassist / keyboardist Patrick O’Hearn, who had also worked with Zappa. Their self-titled debut EP was released in 1980 and became a local L.A. hit before word began to spread across the US. Their 1982 debut album, SPRING SESSION M, hit the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 and was followed by the albums RHYME & REASON (1984) and COLOR IN YOUR LIFE (1986). The band split up after their third album and they all pursued separate careers. There were several reunions and recordings over the years, but eventually, Dale Bozzio took over the group’s name and continues to perform and record under the name Missing Persons.

In 2023, Dale and Missing Persons return with HOLLYWOOD LIE, the group’s first album of all-original material in 37 years. With HOLLYWOOD LIE, the group offers up an album that offers a different look at the ‘American Dream.’ Instead of white picket fences and happy-ever-afters, HOLLYWOOD LIE lifts the veil and reveals the darker side of Hollywood and the lives that have been affected by it. Is the album autobiographical or just a series of songs that just might slightly resemble reality? Regardless, the album is filled with songs that take their ‘80s sound and moves it four decades into the future. Filled with catchy songs such as “King 4 a Day,” “Because of You I’m Crying” (featuring Steve Stevens on guitar), “Ice Blue Eyes,” and more, this album proves that the ‘80s is alive and well and living in the now!



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