As a solo artist, Michael Bolton has sold more than 75 million records. Eight of his albums have entered the Top 10 and he’s had two #1 singles as well. He’s won two Grammy Awards and numerous other awards including six American Music Awards. To say that he’s reached superstar status might actually be an understatement. However, like most successful artists, the pretentious rock critic elite did not appreciate his approach to Pop / Soul and attempted to slow his rise to success by continually mocking him at every turn. That mean streak came to an end in 2013 when he collaborated with SNL’s musical offshoot The Lonely Island on the song “Jack Sparrow,” a career move that revealed that he was able to laugh at himself without losing any of his integrity. Since then, his career has gone from strength to strength.

Michael Bolton’s musical journey began nearly 50 years ago when he issued his first album, MICHAEL BOLOTIN , in 1975, which was followed a year later by EVERDAY OF MY LIFE.  He then joined hard rock outfit Blackjack and released albums in 1979 and 1980 before splitting. Changing the spelling of his last name to Bolton, the singer returned to his solo career, signed to Columbia Records and released MICHAEL BOLTON in 1983. The album continued in a Rock vein but began adding Soul elements to his sound. By the release of his commercial breakthrough, THE HUNGER (1987), he had transformed into a passionate Soul singer. 1989’s SOUL PROVIDER was even more successful and set the stage for a string of successes over the next decade. Bolton began to experiment with other genres including Swing and Classical / Opera. He also dabbled in acting, expanding his resume even more.

In 2023, Michael Bolton returns with SPARK OF LIGHT, his first full album of original material in nearly 15 years. Mixing Pop, Soul, modern Country, and Gospel, the album features Bolton’s passionate voice surrounded by intimate production that still sounds grand without being overblown and too glossy. This is a modern Michael Bolton with enough Soul to satisfy the old fans but a new confidence in the modern age. Tracks like “Just the Beginning,” “Whatever She Wants,” ‘Beautiful World,” and the title track have been embraced by his fanbase and he’s already gaining new fans along the way.  A bold and confident new direction is revealed on this album with tracks like “Running Out of Ways,” “We Could Be Something,” and the powerful “Out of the Ashes.” SPARK OF LIGHT will remind music fans of the power of his voice and the music.



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