Metalcore band August Burns Red was formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2003. Originally founded by high school friends JB Brubaker (lead guitar), Brent Rambler (rhythm guitar), Matt Greiner (drums), Jordan Tuscan (bass), and Jon Hershey (vocals), the group released their debut EP, FRAGILE AFTER ALL, in 2004. However, vocalist Hershey left the band shortly after the release of the EP and was replaced by Josh McManness.  The group rebounded quickly and released their first full-length album, THRILL SEEKER, in 2005. The group’s line-up changed in 2006 when Mcmanness left after only one album and was replaced by vocalist Jake Luhrs. Founding bassist Tuscan also left the group, and Dustin Davidson, a friend of the band, stepped in and took his place.  With the classic line-up now in place. August Burns Red was about to take on the Metalcore world…

August Burns Red’s sophomore album, MESSENGERS (2007), proved to be their first real breakthrough, reaching #81 on the Billboard 200 and sailing to #1 on the Top Christian Albums chart. Their next album, CONSTELLATIONS (2009), did even better, reaching #24 on the Billboard 200, #1 on the Top Christian Albums, #2 on the Hard Rock Albums chart and #8 on the US Rock Albums chart. The band’s success continued with 2011’s LEVELER, even landing in the Australian and Canadian charts. After the release of the band’s Christmas album, SLEDDIN’ HILL (2012), their rise to prominence and Metalcore dominance continued with the albums RESCUE & RESTORE (2013), FOUND IN FAR AWAY PLACES (2015), PHANTOM ANTHEM (2017), and GUARDIANS (2020).

Now, in 2023, August Burns Red returns with DEATH BELOW, their 10th studio album and their first for SharpTone Records. After 17 years together, this ‘classic’ line-up has created a chemistry that keeps them moving forward and adapting to the changing musical landscape while still retaining all the elements that made them one of Metalcore’s most popular bands. The album features guest appearances from Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach, Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain, Erra’s JT Cavey, and All That Remains’ Jason Richardson. The album is yet another ABR classic with some powerful highlights that include the singles “Ancestry” (featuring Leach), “Backfire,” and “Reckoning” (featuring Chamberlain). Other new ABR classics on DEATH BELOW include “The Cleansing,” “Deadbolt,” “Tightrope” (featuring Richardson), and “Revival.” With this album, the group continues to solidify their position as one of the most important Metalcore bands of their generation.



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