Rapper, singer, and songwriter bbno$ was born Alexander Gumuchian in Canada to an Armenian family. A back injury put an end to his dreams of being a professional swimmer, so, in 2014, he turned his attention to music. Initially, he focused on music production and rapping for his own enjoyment, but he got his friends involved and formed the Broke Boy Gang. The group gained a little traction with live performances and posting their music on social media, but they broke up six months later and Gumuchian began a solo career under the name bbnomula. He soon had over a million streams and followers and became popular in China, touring there several times… all before he released his first EP!

In 2017, now recording under the name bbno$, he released the BABY GRAVY EP, which was followed by his debut full-length, BB STEPS, in 2018. After the release of 2019’s RECESS, bbno$ finally achieved commercial success in Canada with the release of his single “Lalala,” which landed in the Top 20 in several countries including Canada, Australia, Finland, and New Zealand. This rise in popularity helped propel his 2020 album I DON’T CARE AT ALL to #88 on the Canadian charts. Bbno$ achieved his greatest album success with EAT YA VEGGIES (2021), which landed in the Top 40 in Canada and Norway and the Top 20 in Finland and Lithuania. The album’s biggest single, “Edamame” (featuring Rich Brian), was also an international hit.

Bbno$ returns in 2023 with his seventh album BAG OR DIE, which finds him experimenting with new sounds and moving forward without losing sight of where he came from. With guest appearances from Yung Gravy, Diamond Pistols, and Lil Toe, the album takes listeners to new places. Highlights of the album include “mathematics,” “piccolo,” “top gun,” “i see london I see france,” and “sophisticated,” but those are just gateways to the album and there is so much more to love about BAG OR DIE. Incorporating everything from surf music to ‘80s Soul/R&B, the album is filled with little slices of pop culture – either musically or lyrically – which enhances the listening experience. With plenty of hooks to reel in new listeners while satisfying longtime fans, BAG OR DIE is an album to… err… bag and die for!



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