Formed in Los Angeles in 1983 by Fat Mike (bass/vocals), Eric Melvin (guitar), and Erik Sanding (drums), NOFX has become one of the most influential Punk Rock bands of the 1990s, 2000s, and beyond. Alongside Bad Religion and The Offspring, NOFX laid the foundation of what was to come when Pop-Punk took over the airwaves and influenced hundreds – if not thousands – of young musicians to pick up an instrument and follow in their wake. While the line-up went through several minor changes in their early years, the current line-up – including lead guitarist (and trumpeter/trombonist) Aaron ‘El Hefe’ Abeyta – has been in place since 1991. With recent talk of NOFX calling it quits at the end of 2023 (their 40th Anniversary), the group deserves to be celebrated for the impact they’ve had on Punk and Alternative Rock.

NOFX released their self-titled debut EP in 1985, which was followed by the EPs SO WHAT IF WE’RE ON MYSTIC! (1986) and THE P.M.R.C. CAN SUCK ON THIS (1987). Building up a dedicated following through live performances and these indie vinyl releases, NOFX issued their debut album, LIBERAL ANIMATION, in 1988. With an audience larger than ever before, the group returned the following year with their sophomore album, S&M AIRLINES (1989). While the band was founded closer to the original Punk movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s, their music began to appeal to younger music fans that were not necessarily old enough to experience the movement the first time around. After the release of their third album, RIBBED, in 1991, guitarist Steve Kidwiller left the group and was replaced by El Hefe and the classic NOFX line-up was born (and remains to this day).

NOFX’s first release to feature El Hefe was the EP THE LONGEST LINE in 1992. Towards the end of the year, they released the legendary album WHITE TRASH, TWO HEEBS AND A BEAN. With an album title that humorously referred to the band members’ ethnicities – Erik Sandin is supposedly ‘white trash,’ Eric Melvin and Fat Mike are Jewish, and El Hefe is Hispanic – the album was a big step forward for the group and became one of the cornerstones of 1990s Punk Rock. While the album was released before the Pop-Punk movement took over the world, it was an album that inspired other artists and bands to push themselves towards Punk perfection. Some of the highlights of the album are “Soul Doubt,” “Liza and Louise,” “Stickin’ in My Eye,” and a cover of Minor Threat’s ‘Straight Edge.” And now, the album celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary with the release of a beautiful ‘ghostly sea blue & clear’ colored vinyl LP repressing. So, if you’ve been jonesin’ for a vinyl pressing of this Punk classic, now’s the chance to get the coolest pressing yet!


WHITE TRASH, TWO HEEBS AND A BEAN (30th Anniversary Vinyl LP Pressing)

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