Formed in Las Vegas in 2005, Metal band Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) was founded by bassist/guitarist Zoltan Bathory and drummer Jeremy Spencer. A year later, vocalist Ivan Moody joined the group, and the band’s distinct sound finally came into focus. The group’s line-up would change over the years – even Spencer would eventually leave the band in 2019 – but Zoltan Bathory and Ivan Moody have remained the leading forces of the band for 16 years. And during that time, 5FDP have gone from strength to strength – punch by punch – and have remained one of the most vital Metal bands in modern Hard Rock. When many of their contemporaries followed musical trends and changed their sound to appeal to larger audiences, 5FDP remained true to their sound while also evolving into something even more powerful than before.

The group recorded their debut album, THE WAY OF THE FIST, before they even had a record deal. Once they signed with a label, they released a digital-only EP before THE WAY OF THE FIST finally unleased in July 2007. The album nearly made the Top 100 on Billboard, but it did reach the Top 30 in Finland. Their next album, WAR IS THE ANSWER (2009), was a hit in the US, reaching #7 in the US, #14 in Finland, and #64 in the UK. 2011’s AMERICAN CAPITALIST expanded their international reach, finally cracking the charts in Australia, Canada, and Germany (and also reaching #3 in the US). This success continued with the release of albums such as THE WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN AND THE RIGHTEOUS SIDE OF HELL, VOLUME ONE and VOLUME TWO (both released in 2013) and GOT YOUR SIX. Their album AND JUSTICE FOR NONE (2018) was their most successful album to date, hitting #1 in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. While it was released at the start of the pandemic, F8 (2020) was yet another international success and solidified 5FDP as one of the mightiest of the mighty.

Two years on, Five Finger Death Punch return with the highly anticipated AFTERLIFE, an album that builds upon the power of previous albums yet continues to prove that these guys are not afraid to move the band’s sound forward. For a band with over eight billion (yes, billion with a ‘b’) streams, you’d think that they’d want to stick to the formula and give listeners exactly what they are expecting. However, this is 5FDP and they never play by the rules. In fact, AFTERLIFE is one of the band’s most diverse releases yet. Including the singles “Afterlife,” “IOU,” “Welcome to the Circus,” and “Times Like These,” this is an album that will certainly appeal to their fanbase while also moving into new musical territories. Produced and co-written by longtime collaborator Kevin Churko, AFTERLIFE might by the group’s ninth album, but it is filled with the same freshness and excitement that fueled their earliest recordings. The more things change, the more they punch you in the face.



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