You don’t have to be and indie music fan to realize that the group Beach House is something special. Whether their name is whispered in hushed tones or shouted from the rooftops, Beach House has built a devoted fanbase that continues to grow with each release. Founded in 2004 by vocalist/keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally, the group’s commercial profile has never been higher. While their releases have earned them critical raves over the years, fans are now taking their favorite Beach House songs – including “Space Song” (2015) and “Silver Soul” (2010) – to TikTok and introducing them to a new audience. And as music fans know, all it takes is one song and then the gates are open. And with Beach House, there is so much more to explore.

Beach House released their self-titled debut album in 2006 and introduced the duo’s Indie/Dreampop sound, which would evolve and grow with each release. Their second album, DEVOTION, was released in 2008 and entered the Billboard 200, landing at #195. However, things began to change for the band and their third album, TEEN DREAM (2010) rose to #43 on the album’s chart. Their next two albums crashed into the Top 10: 2012’s BLOOM hit the #7 spot, followed three years later by DEPRESSION CHERRY, which snuggled in at #8. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS, which was released less than two months after DEPRESSION CHERRY, managed to inch itself into the Top 40, reaching the #39 spot on the albums chart. After the release of their B-SIDES AND RARITIES compilation in 2017, the duo returned with their seventh studio album – creatively titled 7 – in 2018. Since that release, the group’s popularity has continued to grow, raising excitement and anticipation for their next album to new levels. And the wait over…

2022’s ONCE TWICE MELODY is not your average Beach House album. This time, Victoria and Alex gift their fans with a DOUBLE album containing 18 new songs divided into four chapters. The first album to be produced by the duo, ONCE TWICE MELODY moves Beach House’s sound forward while still retaining all the great elements that have made them one of Indie music’s most beloved acts. However, ONCE TWICE MELODY is not Beach-House-by-numbers. The album lifts the band to another level as it presents songs that take deeper atmospheric breaths while allowing the melodies to float into the ether. Painting their musical landscapes with organs, keyboards, acoustic guitars, drum machines, and real drums (by James Barone), Beach House have even added a string ensemble to their arsenal. With songs like “Only You Know”, “Superstar”, “Through Me”, “Hurts To Love”, “New Romance”, and the title track, Beach House has not only met all expectations with this new album – the duo has exceeded them on every level. This is music that matters. It is haunting, beautiful, and life-affirming. ONCE TWICE MELODY is not only what we wanted… it is exactly what we needed.



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