From Fade to Silence Records, Bibeau’s “Mark This” available May 3rd.

(From Fade to Silence Records)

“Mark This” will be released in digital format on May 3, 2016 through Fade to Silence Records via Amped Distribution/AWAL worldwide.

Bibeau (pronounced “be-bow”, “bebo”), formed in 2009 by brothers Robin and Peyton Bibeau after spending countless hours leaving and rehearsing songs by Rush, The Beatles, Metallica, Free, Iron Maiden to name a few. The Brothers decided to use their family name as homage to the legendary Van Halen (brothers on drums and guitar). Bibeau is managed by 30 year music industry veteran (Spitfire Records founder, Relativity Records, Mayhem/Fierce Records) Paul Bibeau, who also happens to be the father of drummer Peyton Bibeau (15) and guitarist Robin Bibeau (19). The band worked hard the past several years to develop a large following via performance videos on YouTube, ReverbNation and Facebook before coming into their own with a rapidly growing fan base with their live show.