Jill Andrews will be continuing her solo career with the release of her new album “War Inside” on September 25.

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On her newest solo record, The War Inside, Jill Andrews shines a light on her own struggles and successes, tying the songs together with a

new sound that mixes her folk background with a wider set of influences. “When I set out to make this album,” she explains, “I wanted it to feel

like me — but me moving, me progressing. I wanted to stretch my legs a bit. My producer, Will Sayles, and I spent a lot of time in the studio

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experimenting with different sounds and different feels to really bring the songs to life.”

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“Jill Andrews’ songs are soooooo beautiful and her songs will make you ache.”- Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

“The way that Andrews sings about love and the way she looks at love, it must be love. The beautiful and pained songs that she writes are the kinds of episodes that you have as a student. She

is a scientist of them, turning them over and around, figuring out where the bottom dropped out and what’s going to happen next.” –Daytrotter

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