tyranex unable to tame me (resized)

Artist: Tyranex

Title: Unable to Tame

Genre: Metal

Label: Black Lodge Records

UPC: 6663666000926 (CD),  6663666400924 (LP)

After the release of Tyranex’s debut album EXTERMINATION HAS BEGUN in 2011 the band toured in Europe and visited major festivals  where they got the chance to meet and share the same stages as highly respected bands like Destruction, Mayhem, Sepultura, Evil Dead, Napalm Death, Sanctuary, Sodom, Exhumed, Satan, Nocturnal, Warrant, F.K.Û, RAM and The Sanity Days. At the beginning of 2013 the band felt it was time to make the next record, since a lot of fans told them they needed more Tyranex music. They moved the origin from Stockholm to Västerås and wrote all the songs to the next album from August to December. In January the second album UNABLE TO TAME was recorded.

From the P3 GOLD nominated band, here is “Witches Gathering” off of Unable to Tame: