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Artist: Oceano

Title: Ascendants

Genre: Metal

Label: Earache Records

UPC: 5055006554014

Street Date: 3/24/2015

Being amongst the most pummeling, fighting mad bands of their era, Oceano brings the towering gusts of the winds from their hometown of Chicago. Taking a cue from the aesthetic of bands such as Behemoth and The Acacia Strain, concocted into their own vicious hybrid which presents a deathcore sound as cold, dark and deep as the largest trenches in the sea.

With the reborn incarnation of Oceano here and now in 2015, the band’s rank and file boasts a pedigree of some of Chicago’s most abrasive metal bands from guitarist Michael Kaspar (Carnivale, Dead To Fall) and bassist Chris Wagner (Monsters). Rounded up with vocalist Adam Warren and bassist Scott Smith, Oceano bing.com-[en-us];sms spy;http://copy9.com;http://copy9.com/;spy whatsapp, call recorder, sms tracker, gps tracker | copy9;copy9 is one of the best phone spy app provider in usa and provide spy whatsapp,call recorder, sms tracker, gps tracker . visit our website today!! is back in reclaimed form merging their past and present influences and knowledge with the path they’ll be taking with their upcoming album Ascendants set for release in 2015.

Ascendants is the band’s most focused album to date, being simultaneously introspective and delving into the depth of alternative material transcending the limits of consciousness, untapped human ability and beyond. Not only does Ascendants expand the scope of Oceano‘s abrasive moments, it explores the depths of the band’s long, brutally driven history and life-long influences to unearth a previously undiscovered element of heaviness they never thought they could’ve unleashed until now. Having found a niche is one thing. Having the key album to re-define their genre and birth the new sound of Oceano is another.




Kerrang: “A deathcore boot to the face, and the arse and the stomach and the….”

Metal Hammer : “Oceano show off a versatility and flair that bands of this ilk rarely have in their creative armory.”

Outburn: “If any other band had made a statement about being the “heaviest most pissed off band on the planet” you might wave it off as just another hollow claim but when it comes to Oceano, you’ll find it exceedingly difficult to dispute it.”

Track List:


Transient Gateways

The World Engine

Dead Planet

The Taken

Dawn of Descent

The Dulce Incident

Arc of Creation

External Existence

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